Bonus: Best of…

To “finish” out our blog, we decided to compile a list of our favorite things to eat that we tried throughout the entire year. The list is only from places on our blog and is the opinion of each individual instead of a consensus. So each entry may have two things listed if we could not come to an agreement. That said, let’s get on with it.

Best Asian Dish
We really wish we could put China Palace here, but since the start of our blog they not only changed their menu due to new ownership, but they have since closed down. Here are our real picks:
Hillarie and Matt – Peking Garden

Best BBQ Plate
Hillarie and Matt- Martin’s BBQ

Best Mexican Meal
Our obvious choice here would be Fernando’s in Mexico. But that really doesn’t seem fair, given the location (and the fact most of our readers won’t get the opportunity to try it out). Instead, here are our choices.
Hillarie – Tacos and More
Matt – Margarita’s

Best Pizza
Hillarie and Matt – Ingleside Pizza

Best Sandwich
Hillarie and Matt – Pretty much any burger you can get @ The Rookery

Best Seafood Platter
Hillarie – Fish N Pig
Matt – Jim Shaw’s

Best Appetizer
We didn’t often get appetizers, due to strong sweet tooth cravings and wanting to save room for desserts. So getting one often meant we enjoyed it. Here are our choices:
Hillarie – Tomato and Red Pepper Bisque @ Dolce Vita.
Matt – Fried Greens Beans @ Market City Cafe.

Best Dessert
The unfair advantage here would be to go with just about anything you can get at Wilson’s Bakery. Instead, we considered desserts by places that are actual restaurants. Here are our picks:
Hillarie – Tres Leches Cake @ Emilio’s
Matt – Blueberry Pie @ Yoder’s

Best Alcoholic Drink
Hillarie – Vanilla Blues @ Tic Toc Room
Matt – Ginger Chill @ Downtown Grill

Best Atmosphere
There were plenty of restaurants we reviewed that stood out regarding presentation and atmosphere. We can’t mention them all here, but many were unique in their own right. Here are our picks:
Hillarie – Downtown Grill
Matt – The Rookery

Best Overall
Hillarie – The Rookery
Matt – Downtown Grill

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