Bonus Week 53: Natalia’s

So, with 52 restaurants in 52 weeks, we’ve officially reached our quota. However, this year was especially exciting because there were actually 53 weekends, which meant we have an extra special edition for you. Our first idea was to simply stop at 52, or use one of the weeks as a break, but why stop now?

Week 53 takes us to a finer class of dining, Natalia’s of Macon. Located in North Macon all the way up on Bass Road, Natalia’s is a formal restaurant, so we took to getting dressed up and fancy and headed out on New Year’s Eve for a nice dinner to finish off our year and the blog.

Unfortunately, the bad news with this post is we didn’t dare start taking pictures once inside. The lighting was low enough that the photos wouldn’t have turned out well without a flash, and we didn’t want to disturb others eating around us. Just use your best imagination because everything was fabulous.

We both started out with a shrimp cake appetizer to share. It was served with a drizzle of sauce that I can not recall what it was. The dish itself was good and kept us in line while we waited for your dinners to arrive.

Hillarie ordered a Chilian Sea Bass steamed in parchment paper. It was served with a side of fresh veggies. The fish was perfectly cooked and every bite was tender and flavorful.

Matt got the Braised Lamb Ribs, also served with a side of fresh veggies and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. The meat was very tender and could be eaten right off the bone. Even the vegetables had a great flavor and were served in a tomato-like sauce to make them stand out.

For dessert, we both ordered our own. Hillarie got a Banana Fosters Bread Pudding and Matt got a Chocolate Mousse served in a caramelized pecan bowl with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Bread pudding is not a favorite of Hillarie’s, but the Banana Foster addition drew her in and she was not disappointed.

Overall, there wasn’t anything bad we could say about Natalia’s. This definitely isn’t a stop you would want to frequent on a monthly budget, but whenever you are feeling classy or have a special occasion, it is a great place to step it up and get your fancy on.

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