Week 52: My Father’s Place

So…. 52 weeks… and this is what should be our final entry. However, we’ve got a couple more surprises in store for you so stay tuned. We plan on having a BONUS review (since there were technically 53 weekends) as well as a year end Best Of to follow up.

Week 52 takes us to another pizza place (so soon after Ingleside Pizza too), My Father’s Place. A staple to many that live in Warner Robins, it’s located down off Moody Road closer to the AF base than where we live. We’ve only been there a couple times before, but it’s hard to walk away disappointed.


Hillarie started out with a small greek salad (dressing on the side). It was hard to get her opinion on it, but I’ll let the empty bowl do the talking and assume it was good.

Garlic Knots

We also ordered an appetizer of garlic knots (what is it about buttered dough that is so good). The picture hides exactly how big these are, as they came served inside a to-go box. Good thing too, because we couldn’t finish them and saved them for a treat later on. Yummy!


Hillarie went with a classic Stromboli, which in this case was just two huge slices of pizza pushed together to form a sandwich. You can see the cheese oozing out the side. Hillarie loves her stromboli and was not disappointed in her choice. But between her salad and some garlic knots, it was too much to handle and it also went home with us.


Matt ordered a medium calzone, with chicken and bacon in it. The server asked if we wanted to split it, because it was rather big. We’ve seen big calzones before, and always ate half and took the other half home. This was essentially a pizza folded in half. It was served on a large cardboard pizza tray and cut into four slices. This was bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Eating the smallest of the two pieces, we packed this away as well, and had leftovers the next day.

Given the size of the orders you receive, MFP definitely gets a big thumbs up on value. The atmosphere is very “pizza place”, and take the time to observe the newspaper articles on the wall when you get time.

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