Week 51: Moon River Brewing Company

Week 51 is a TRAVEL EDITION! This week, we were stranded in Savannah, Ga for the weekend. With so many different places and venues to visit, it was hard trying to decide on a location for our blog entry. Ultimately, we went with someplace we’ve never been before, Moon River Brewing. Named after the famous Johnny Mercer song and located on historic Bay Street in downtown, don’t get confused. While they are a local brewer, they have a restaurant located inside with food just slightly above your average pub fare. Along with us on our trip were Matt’s parents, visiting us for Christmas and seeing Savannah for the first time.

beer flight

First things first, let’s get the beer out of the way. A beer flight is a sampling of beers from their local brewery, served in 4 oz glasses. All these beers are draft only. Click on the picture above to check out what each individual beer was. Both Hillarie and Matt’s Dad decided to try it out and weren’t at all disappointed in their choice.

crab cakes
chicken tortilla soup

With all the beer, Hillarie didn’t want to get too full and went light with an order of crab cakes appetizer, and a side order of chicken tortilla soup. It might have been the beer talking, but she comments that neither were all that great. The crab cakes were served with a side of black bean and corn salsa.


Matt’s mom ordered a standard filet (wrapped in bacon), with a side of broccoli and rice. While the sides were so-so, the filet was cooked just the way she wanted it. Needless to say she was pleased with her choice (it was bacon-wrapped)!


Matt was drinking coconut rum with a splash of lime juice, and decided to go with a plate of wings. The sauce is a special concoction used specifically by MRBC for their wings, made up of a standard honey mustard, teriyaki, and their hot sauce. The wings disappeared rather quickly until all that was left was a pile of bones. It was served with a side of ranch and a side of blue cheese for dipping.

chicken and sausage creole

Matt’s Dad went with a Chicken and Sausage Creole dish, served up on a bed of Low Country style rice. It was a big dish and it was gone, along with the beer flight, into the depths of his belly. However, he did comment that it wasn’t as spicy as he thought it would have been.

Overall, reviews were positive. The beer was good, the alcohol was good, the food was (mostly) good. If you are stopping in Savannah for a couple days, there are other places we would rank above this on our “must do” list. But if you are planning an elongated stay, or you are a beer aficianado, this might be one of the places you should check out.

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