Week 49: Grillmasters

After reading our blog for a while, you might get the idea we like BBQ. Well, we are Southerners and who can argue with yummy cuts of pork, smoked until tender and served up with whatever fried foods or greens you can think of. Grillmasters of Perry brings us to our next stop (and last BBQ place) on our blog. While probably not at the very top of our local BBQ list, it wins accolades for having a friendly owner who isn’t ashamed of his product.


As always, Matt gets the pulled (well, in this case chipped) pork, served up with a side of baked beans and brunswick stew (not pictured). He thoroughly enjoyed the pork, as it had a very distinct flavor to it he couldn’t quite place his finger on, but was good. It was very tender and flavorful. The owner commented on how it smokes all day. The beans were nothing special, but also had a little something in them to give off a sweeter flavor. The brunswick stew was very middle of the road. Thumbs up on the pork though!


Hillarie went with her standard brisket, a side of potato salad and brunswick stew. We both agreed on the stew being so-so, but she mentioned that potato salad was outstanding. While the brisket was good, she was honest with the owner when he asked about it. After Martin’s BBQ, nothing else has sated her desire for that same tender brisket. He appreciated the honesty. Of course, that isn’t saying that it was bad at all. It was very tasty and tender, much like the chipped pork. If anything, that is a sign of a good BBQ.

Grillmasters also offers a variety of homemade cakes (which we passed on that night), and also features a small butchers shop where they sell cuts of meat and seafood for those that are interested. While it is out of the way for normal visits, we may again stop by if we find ourselves in Perry for something.

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