Week 48: Ingleside Pizza

This week, we felt like getting some pizza. With only a few more local pizza places left, we ventured to Macon and hit up Ingleside Pizza, located just outside of Downtown Macon on Ingleside Drive. Hillarie used to go here when she lived in Macon in the early 00’s, but hasn’t been back since. Since that time, they opened in a new location right across the street from their old one, and a second location by Mercer University. I should mention that Ingleside is not your average pizza place. It is very hard to describe the atmosphere there, but it looks very much like a college hangout. You’ll find all kinds of decor on the walls, and can spend your time absorbing it all in while you wait for your meal.

Hillarie was most pleased with the extensive beer selection. You will find your favorite or just might try a new one at Ingleside.


We started off with some breadsticks. Oh my these were good. Coated in herb butter and topped with shredded parmesan cheese, they went quickly. However, these proved to be our downfall later on.


Hillarie got two slices of the Ultimate. Comes topped with everything but the kitchen sink. These slices are HUGE. They didn’t even fit on the metal pan they served it on. Even if we hand’t ordered breadsticks, we were in for a tough time. Hillarie finished off as much as she could muster before she finally gave up. Oh, did I mention these slices were good? Yeah they were good.


I went the same route as she did, and ordered two slices as well. But I went with the meaty version, topped with… well, any meat you can think of. I can’t even see the pizza. This too was a large amount of pizza, and about half way through my second slice I gave up lest I wished to get sick.

If it isn’t obvious, we didn’t get anything for dessert. But we thoroughly enjoyed it and rate it as one of the best pizza places in Middle Georgia. See you again soon Ingleside.

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Live, work, and play in Middle Georgia. I am: software craftswoman, Crossfitter, Primal Blueprinter, mountain biker, cat owner.
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2 Responses to Week 48: Ingleside Pizza

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  2. T.w says:

    Love the white pizza!
    Love the people that works there!!!

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