Week 47: Market City Cafe

It’s had been a few weeks since we had traveled to downtown Macon to try out a new place. We decided to check out Market City Cafe. We were in the mood for some sweets after going a couple of weeks without one in the blog and Hillarie had heard good things about their famous Banana Pudding. Not for the first time since we started the blog, we brought a couple friends along so we could purview more of the selections. Let’s see how we fared…


We started out with an appetizer of fried greenbeans. Southerns are suckers for fried veggies and these were absolutely delicious. It was served with a ranch dipping sauce and a cajun horseradish dipping sauce. Both were excellent coatings for the fried greenbeans, and the cajun horseradish certainly had some kick to it.


Hillarie wanted a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. It was topped with provolone cheese and came with all the standard hamburger toppings. The sweet potato fries were great, but she was unimpressed by the burger, stating that it tasted and looked like it was a pre-packaged frozen patty. Maybe she’s just been spoiled by all the great burgers from The Rookery.


I ordered an off the wall club sandwich served on a rosemary foccacia bread. The fries weren’t anything too extraordinary, but I was pleased with my sandwich choice. The bread was nice and soft and the rosemary gave it a unique flavor.



Now for the sad part of our story. Unfortunately, they had completely sold out of their banana pudding. Apparently it is VERY popular and goes quick, as it’s made daily so it stays fresh. Hillarie was aghast, yet we soldiered on and ordered two slices of cake. These slices of cake were easily 1/8 of the entire cake. We ate a few bites at the restaurant, but then took the rest home. And take them home we did. Hillarie was upset by not getting her banana pudding, but the Coconut Cake helped ease her pain. As for me, the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake was so rich and delicious, it took me a couple days before I finished it (and I love my desserts).

Everything was great besides the burger, and we still want to take a trip back again to see if we can get that fabled banana pudding.

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