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Bonus: Best of…

To “finish” out our blog, we decided to compile a list of our favorite things to eat that we tried throughout the entire year. The list is only from places on our blog and is the opinion of each individual … Continue reading

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Bonus Week 53: Natalia’s

So, with 52 restaurants in 52 weeks, we’ve officially reached our quota. However, this year was especially exciting because there were actually 53 weekends, which meant we have an extra special edition for you. Our first idea was to simply … Continue reading

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Week 52: My Father’s Place

So…. 52 weeks… and this is what should be our final entry. However, we’ve got a couple more surprises in store for you so stay tuned. We plan on having a BONUS review (since there were technically 53 weekends) as … Continue reading

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Week 51: Moon River Brewing Company

Week 51 is a TRAVEL EDITION! This week, we were stranded in Savannah, Ga for the weekend. With so many different places and venues to visit, it was hard trying to decide on a location for our blog entry. Ultimately, … Continue reading

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Week 50: Hacienda Vieja

So following the blog you’ve noticed the recurring trends of BBQ places. Another common restaurant genre we frequent is Mexican restaurants. Our last Mexicano cuisine experience takes us to Hacienda Vieja, located on Presidential Parkway in Macon.

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Week 49: Grillmasters

After reading our blog for a while, you might get the idea we like BBQ. Well, we are Southerners and who can argue with yummy cuts of pork, smoked until tender and served up with whatever fried foods or greens … Continue reading

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Week 48: Ingleside Pizza

This week, we felt like getting some pizza. With only a few more local pizza places left, we ventured to Macon and hit up Ingleside Pizza, located just outside of Downtown Macon on Ingleside Drive. Hillarie used to go here … Continue reading

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