Week 46: Snellgrove Seafood

Snellgrove Seafood is an interesting little place located in Centerville on Houston Lake Rd. The restaurant itself is actually an extension of an existing home. It appears as if the more business they got, the more they expanded out. Hillarie has been chomping at the bit to try them out, and I finally caved in. She loves seafood a lot more than I do, but I’m a sucker for hush puppies. Let’s see what we got.


Hillarie went with a fried shrimp and scallops combination. The plates are served with fries and a side of cole slaw. While she didn’t care much for the fried shrimp (it is apparently hard to fry shrimp and get them just right), the scallops turned out just fine. The fries were…. well, fries. Can’t really say too much more than that. She also liked the cole slaw, but said it had just a little too much of something she couldn’t place her finger on. The hush puppies were good, but not anything extraordinary.


I ordered the catfish plate (the small) and ended up getting more than I could suffer on that night. The catfish was boneless and very good. I passed on the cole slaw because I’m not a huge fan, but I took the rest of the filets home (but fried fish doesn’t reheat well, so I think I skipped out on leftovers). I gobbled my hush puppies up though.

Like last weeks entry, we skipped out on dessert, as Snellgrove doesn’t offer any.

All in all, I wasn’t too terribly disappointed, and I’m sure Hillarie wouldn’t mind taking another trip in the future and try something else. It’s hard to find a southern style seafood location around here. Of course, we’ll make sure we go on empty stomachs.

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