Week 44: Zen

One of the nice things about dining out at local restaurants is you get to go back and experience those you haven’t gone to in a while. This week we visited Zen, which is a Japanese Hibachi style steakhouse. Hibachi style means you are seated around a grill with several other people and watch the cook make your food right in front of you. The cooks put on quite a show, especially if there are children present. The skill of the cooks is outstanding and if you’ve never seen one, I do recommend going to one near you. However, once you’ve seen it, it really isn’t different any other time. So like a decent movie, you may only get the thrill and enjoyment out of it the first time. We’ve done the hibachi grill so many other times, we decided to just get a standard table and order off the menu.

fish soup

Hillarie started out with a bowl of fish soup. The picture is a tad bit blurry, but you can see small chunks of mushrooms and green onions floating among the broth. Her response: it’s ok. I would tend to agree.

Crunchy roll

volcano roll

For her meal, she decided to ditch a traditional dinner and go with sushi. The volcano roll, which is topped with a spicy mixture very similar to cole slaw, is something I’ve never seen before. The crunchy roll is a standard fried shrimp roll. While Hillarie loves to get sushi from other locations, she wasn’t very enamored with her selection here.

Chicken katsu

I went with the Chicken Katsu, which is essentially fried chicken. Granted, it’s breaded with panko crumbs and sauteed in a pan instead of a deep fryer, but let’s not beat around the bush. The taste is similar to your normal fried chicken strips you might get at any american style restaurant. The texture is a bit more crunchy however. In the end, it was lacking and not a very powerful dish. I would have ordered something of a more traditional Japanese fare, but I wasn’t feeling too adventurous.

The meals filled us up so there wasn’t any room for dessert. Like many other Japanese restaurants they have a limited selection of after dinner treats, but I would probably recommend Green Tea ice cream, just to say you tried it.

Zen Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon


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