Week 43: Dolce Vita

If I could give you an example of one benefit this blog has brought to us, I think my first notion is to say “Downtown Macon”. Matt and I have dined at several downtown establishments this year and have been pleased with each one. Yes, there was an issue with service at one, but the owner has actually replied via the blog to address that concern and so I can’t say anything negative. A couple we may never return to, but I’ve already made return trips several times to The Rookery, and we know we want to go back to a few others as well. Dolce Vita is one that we’ve been to once this year before, but just for sweets and we didn’t include it in the blog at that time. So, we took a trip explicitly to have a full meal for proper blogging.

We both wanted to avoid a heavy meal, so we skipped over the pizza offerings. I was a little hesitant to order a salad, based on a non-so-good avocado and crab salad I had there for lunch once, but my risk paid off. This Bistro salad has me dreaming of my return for another taste. The sweetness of the apples and candied pecans counterbalanced the tangy vinaigrette dressing.
Bistro salad

I also ordered the tomato and red pepper bisque, and both Matt and I were commenting on its wonderful flavors.
Tomato and red pepper bisque

Matt had the chicken and spinach sandwich on pita. He thought it was very good, if a little dry, as it lacked condiments.

Matt picked up a brownie to go. Dolce Vita has a multitude of sweets to meet your fancy. We’ve also had several of their cakes and found them to be quite divine.

Dolce Vita also serves brunch on Sundays from 10-4 which we’ve sampled once and recommend. Especially if you like a good Bloody Mary — they have a full Bloody Mary bar.

Dolce Vita on Urbanspoon


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