Week 42: Benson’s

In the mood for Chinese, but your spouse says, “No, steak!”? I’ve got just the restaurant for your sticky situation. Sitting along Houston Lake Road near Hwy 96, Benson’s is serving American and Chinese dishes, along with outstanding sushi choices.

I wanted to get a taste of a few different things, so I asked for a bowl of hot and sour soup to begin my meal. The soup was satisfying and Matt enjoyed those crispy fried won tons.
Hot and sour soup

I also ordered some sushi, but since I do not order sushi often, I accidentally ordered the nigiri-sushi sampler instead of a roll sampler. I did eat the nigiri-sushi, but I most definitely prefer sushi rolls. The presentation is beautiful, though.
Sushi sampler

But, enough of that Chinese soup and Japanese sushi! What about the steaks? I ordered the queen prime rib with french fries and was not disappointed. Something about fries and prime rib just goes so well together, and the accompany horseradish and au jus sauces were both delicious. I heartily recommend this choice.
Prime rib

Matt ordered the sesame chicken dinner, one of his Chinese staples, and thought it was up to his standards.

We have been to Benson’s for other meals and while I have to say my first ever visit was not impressive, my subsequent dining experiences have given me satisfaction and I don’t hesitate to return if an opportunity presents itself. I like the fact that they provide an option to those who stick with “meat and potatoes” when others are more adventurous to try Chinese, sushi, and curry offerings.

Benson's Steak and Sushi on Urbanspoon
Benson’s on Foursquare


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