Week 41: Tacos and More Loncheria

Tacos & More sits on the end of a small business plaza on Houston Lake Road. You might be like me, and take a glance at it as you pass, but never found an opportunity to check it out. After a couple of friends declared the food at Tacos & More to be delicious, I vowed to make sure we dropped in for one of our Official Blog Visits. We visited recently, early on a weekend evening, and got a taste of some hearty, yummy tacos.

ground beef on soft corn tortillas The restaurant has a few tables for dining in, but you order directly at the service counter. The menu displayed overhead appears to be limited in choices, but what I would recommend is that you first grab a menu off a table for the full array of selections. I didn’t know this, so I missed out on ordering some more interesting tacos like steak and pork carnitas. Nonetheless, my order of ground beef tacos on corn tortillas and a side of guacamole was quite satisfying. You can see in this photo that I’ve spread some guac over my taco. The guacamole had a bit of heat to it, which seems uncommon in my experience, but I thought it was pretty good.

Matt ordered ground beef tacos as well. Sorry, we were both limited in our options based on the overhead menu. Again, a reminder to grab a menu first! He likes to add salsa to his tacos as you can see.

ground beef soft taco

Urbanspoon currently has the wrong city for Tacos & More. The restaurant is definitely in Warner Robins, not Perry. I give this restaurant a thumbs up. After writing this entry, I am thinking I may end up there for lunch myself today!

Taco's & More Luncheria on Urbanspoon


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3 Responses to Week 41: Tacos and More Loncheria

  1. Dave says:

    I been following you all year, great pic with the Tacos and More… I’m addicted now too.

    But we still need 11 more restaurants in 4 weeks!!!! We gonna make it???

    • hfurm says:

      Hi Dave! Thanks so much for your comment. We have been slacking, I am so sorry. We are still going out weekly and taking our photos, but just haven’t sat down to write. I hope we can get caught up, but you may likely see us publishing the last few weeks of 2011 well into January/February!

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