Week 40: Island Paradise

Looking back over our restaurants in the past 40 weeks, we have dined in a wide variety of establishments and enjoyed a great many different types of food. You may have noticed that we have featured some cuisines multiple times. And you may or may have not noticed, but one cuisine in particular was only sampled once so far — Jamaican/Caribbean — and that’s been a disappointment to me. I enjoy the flavors and the opportunity to eat an “off the beaten path” meat as you will usually find goat or braised oxtail on a reputable Caribbean menu. Recently, a new Caribbean restaurant opened in Warner Robins in the shopping center currently featuring Big Lots and Food Depot off Watson. We excitedly headed over to check it out on a recent weekend night.

Matt chose the curried goat for his meal. While the bones were still intact, the meat was so tender, they separated without any trouble. Matt and I both ordered the same sides: rice and peas, cabbage, and plantains. While Matt did not touch the cabbage, I found it cooked wonderfully, full of flavor, with some greens and other vegetables mixed in for color. We both thought the rice and peas were very good, and considered the plantains almost as a dessert once we finished off our main dish.

I had the shrimp curry, which was accompanied by a myriad of sauteed vegetables as well. I really savored every bite of this dish and can’t wait to return for more.
Shrimp Curry

The restaurant itself is small and quaint, and the staff were very professional and polite. I highly recommend giving this delightful venue a try soon.

Island Paradise on Urbanspoon


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