Week 38: The Rookery

The Rookery is a… well, it’s hard to describe. Located in Downtown Macon, it sits among many other local restaurants. It was formally a bar (and some could argue that it still is), but serves more food fare and caters to couples and familys rather than drinkers. The best way to describe it is: it’s a restaurant with a bar atmosphere. Seriously, I am at odds trying to fully detail everything. For me, it was hands down the best atmosphere I’ve had yet for any of our reviews and will return based on that alone. But, since we are all about the food on here, on with the show!

Since, it is still a bar, the menu is limited to normal bar fare. However, their menu expands out and offers selections of various cheeses and wines, with a variety of different beers as well. One note of specialty: they offer many LOCAL branded stuffs, so support your hometown businesses! The biggest things they offer here are the wide variety of gourmet burgers and this is exactly what I was looking forward to on my first trip here.

Ray Charles Burger

Hillarie went with the Ray Charles burger, which comes topped with pepperjack cheese, guacamole, and Applewood smoked bacon. I’m not a big guac fan, but she loves the stuff. She also ordered the burger with the local grass-fed ground beef (again, support local business). She savored every bite of this half pound behemoth and couldn’t even finish off her fries!

Dr. John Burger

I went with something a little out of the ordinary. It’s called the Dr. John burger, and while everything comes normally with it, they top the burger off with a fried egg. In the picture, you can actually see where the yolk has started running into my ketchup. I also ordered the local grass-fed beef, and got it cooked medium. This was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. It took all my willpower to savor every bite without shoving the whole thing in my mouth. It was so juicy and tender by the time I had finished, my bun was a soggy mess and my plate was covered in juicy goodness.

Of course, I think the one negative thing I will say is the absence of their renowned Red Velvet Cupcakes. I’ve heard so much about these that I couldn’t wait to try a couple. Alas, they no longer serve them (WHY?!) and I forced to settle for a Peanut Butter Parfeit.

Peanut Butter parfait

I can’t say I was too disappointed in this. I had already taken a couple bites before I snapped the picture, so it looks a little smeared on top. Underneath all that rich PB goodness is a brownie. Yes. And the size of this thing… let’s just say it took me a while to eat it and I can be a little piggy when it comes to sweets.

The Rookery easily makes it into one of my top restaurants we’ve done so far and I can’t wait to return soon.

Rookery on Urbanspoon

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