Week 37: Margarita’s Mexican Grill

Ok, so…. the updates haven’t been so “up to date”. We’ve been slacking on keeping everyone informed. That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped visiting all these great local places and in the next couple weeks we will do our best to catch everyone up. With that said, on with the show!

Week 37 brought us to our favorite Mexican restaurant (in Warner Robins that is), Margarita’s Mexican Grill. They just opened a new location on Watson Blvd, right behind Longhorn so we dropped by and paid them a visit.

First, let me complement them on having some of the best salsa around. Other places the salsa is either too runny, or too mild. The have just the right amount of chunkiness with the perfect amount of spice. Thumbs up on this.

Pork carnitas

Hillarie went with a Pork Carnitas dish. She has actually been making her own lunches for a while now, and recently discovered a beef carnitas recipe that was outstanding (enough so we made it for dinner the following week). The flavor on the pork was excellent, served with grilled onions and a salad with guacamole. Like me, she tends to not eat the beans and she avoided eating the rice to make room for all the good stuff.

I went with a helping of the Burritos Tapatios, which is my favorite dish. The pictures doesn’t make it look like much, but the plate was polished by the time I was done. I love Mexican rice and the tortilla shell bowl with my salad was a nice after dinner treat to munch on waiting for the bill.

The only thing negative I can say about this visit, is they were BRAND NEW. The inside smelled strongly of the lacquer finish on the tables and the general construction scent you get of a new home. Not that this is a huge deterrent, and I’m sure it has subsided by now, but it was a little off-putting.

Margarita's Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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