Week 36: Bombay City

This week brings us to some Indian dining again, at Bombay City in Macon, GA. Bombay City is located right off of Bloomfield, near the Eisenhower Parkway intersection. We both haven’t had some indian food in a while, so we went in hungry and left satisfied.

As always, the waiter started us off with some Papadam and chutney sauces. I LOVE the sweet and spicy flavor of the red chutney.


Unlike Shahenshah, this restaurant caters specifically to Indian cuisine; no Greek or Mediterranean food.

Lamb Masala

Luckily, they had many similar items on their menu. Hillarie ordered the Lamb Masala, served with jasmine rice. She ordered her meal with medium spiciness. She thoroughly enjoyed every bite, even when the hotness was getting to her. The rice really saves the day by taking some of the sting out of the burn.

Lamb Vindaloo

I decided to stick with the Lamb Vindaloo, and I too was pleased. With the medium hotness, it had a little bit more burn to it than I would have cared for, but the rice saves the day. I wish I knew how to make a good jasmine rice at home (from scratch, not any pre-packaged stuff). I finished off every last bit of it.

We both decided to skip out on desserts as I think we needed to let our bellies calm down from the firestorm we just fed it. There are not too many Indian restaurants in the Macon/Warner Robins region, so this one stays on the list of places to revisit whenever the urge hits us again.

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