Week 35: Two Guys and a Pie

After getting back from vacation, we set our sights on a pizza place. There are only a few left for us to cover and we wanted to try something new. That brought us to Two Guys and a Pie in Bonaire, GA. It’s located in a shopping plaza right off of 247 with several other food shops (including Emilio’s). The place is pretty small and they were fairly busy with a dine-in crowd, so much that we ordered our food and stood for a few minutes before a friendly couple offered to split their table up for us. On to the food!

When we arrived, Hillarie and I decided to get an order of garlic rolls as an appetizer.

Garlic rolls

The rolls had just the right amount of crust so the insides were very chewy, but leaving a satisfying crunch of the breads outer shell. The garlic butter was oozing over top of them and pooling in the bottom of the dish. While the flavor was awesome, I don’t like my rolls saturated in butter. Restaurants should take heed and only spread enough to cover the tops of the rolls. Not only will it save you money in the long run, it’ll make the bread taste better.

For entrees, the choices I had were unbelievable for my toppings. I normally go for a calzone if I want lots of toppings, but my eyes were fixated on pizza. That is until I got to their sandwich portion of their menu, and everything else went aside. They had a buffalo chicken sub. A little backstory on this; I was visiting my friends in NY one summer and we went out and got subs. I ordered a buffalo chicken sub and it was one of the greatest things I’d ever eaten. I knew this couldn’t live up to what I originally had, but I was willing to give it a try anyway.

Buffalo chicken

While it didn’t live up to what I hoped for, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Less of a sub and more of a hoagie, I topped it off with some lettuce and smothered it in ranch dressing. It was much bigger than I had imagined, and even though it was very good, I couldn’t finish it. Of course, I wanted to save some room food goodies later as well.


Hillarie ordered a Stromboli. Packed with all kinds of good toppings, she had no trouble taking this to town. The marinara sauce that came with it was very tasty, albeit a bit on the runny side. A nice thick and chunky marinara complements calzones and stromboli well.

Two Guys and a Pie offer some pretty good looking desserts as well, including a huge brownie and cupcakes. While I would have loved to indulge in that brownie, duty called us to Coldstone Creamery for my birthday, where we had a BOGO coupon for the two of us to share. Since the coupon was going to expire the next day, we took advantage of the free ice cream. But don’t let that stop you from trying out one of those fabulous desserts.

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One Response to Week 35: Two Guys and a Pie

  1. Ray says:

    Thanks for checking us out and taking your time to write a review. Those pics had my mouth watering by the way. Thanks again for your business and time. We are always trying to improve.

    2 Guys and A Pie

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