Week 33: Joe-Bear’s and Sons Bar-B-Que

So….. it seems like we’ve kinda forgotten about your blog for a few weeks. Instead of making excuses (we did take a little trip to NY however, more on that later), let’s get right into it!

For Week 33, we traveled to Macon, Ga for some good BBQ. We had decided on trying our Joe-Bear’s and Sons Bar-B-Que and headed on up. The most interesting thing about this location is where it is. Most restaurants are usually in a strip mall or off of a main road. To get to Joe-Bear’s, you have to go down a side street. It’s nestled in the heart of Macon on Napier Ave. among a residential district.

Let’s see what kind of food they have there, shall we?

Chicken, ribs, and chipped pork plate with potato salad and slaw

Hillarie focused on getting a combination plate, with chicken, ribs and chipped pork. A small warning, as Joe Bear’s makes everything fresh, if you don’t get there early enough you may not have a chance to get what you want. When they are out, they’re out (at least until the next day). She settled on potato salad and cole slaw after we found out they didn’t have anymore Brunswick stew (which is disappointing, since I also wanted to try some). The smoked flavor of the BBQ was excellent and she enjoyed the sauce she had with it. To top it all off, she had a mini sweet potato pie as a finisher. It’s amazing how we never end up with dessert pictures, they just get devoured too quickly.

Chipped Pork plate with potato salad and baked beans

I went with my old standard, chipped pork. I got a side of baked beans and potato salad. The beans were excellent and had a very unique flavoring to them that I couldn’t really place, but made them different than anything other beans I’ve tried. I wasn’t really sold on the potato salad, but I’m not a big potato salad person. I’d love to go back and get some Brunswick stew sometime, or stop in on a Friday for some greens and cornbread (which is sadly a Friday only thing). The chipped pork was great and I loved the tangy sweet and spicy sauce I had with it. I had a couple bites of Hillarie’s sweet potato pie, but let her have most of it.

If you are in the area and are down for some good BBQ, check it out. But I would suggest getting some directions if you aren’t sure where it is located first.

Joe-Bear's & Sons Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon


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