Week 31: Hofbrau Riverfront Restaurant

This week, we feature another “out-of-town” restaurant due to the fact we took a weekend trip to Helen, GA. Our third time in Helen, we decided it was time to try one of the German restaurants. Matt was interested to compare a restaurant-made sauerbraten against his grandmother’s. As for me, I just wanted a plate full of meat. We selected the Hofbrau Riverfront Restaurant due to the availability of a Restaurant.com certificate which I bought at 80% off. I was disappointed when we entered to see a sign announcing they currently were not serving alcohol. I don’t know why, but at least I had room for dessert without filling up on beer.

We began our dining with salads. In addition to the lettuce and dressing, the plate featured slaw and shredded carrots. Both provided a nice crunchy punch to the salad.

Also served, fresh baked bread with housemade herb garlic butter. I try not to eat a lot of bread, but I had to indulge in one slice with ample butter. It was fabulous!
Bread with fresh herb butter

I wanted to try different meats so I picked the sampler plate for my meal. The Hofbrau Haus Platter comes with bratwurst, homemade garlic sausage and smoked pork chops. You have a choice of beef or pork for the sausage; I picked beef. Everything on my plate was well seasoned and delicious. I did end up leaving most of the sauerkraut on the plate, along with some of the pork chop, but the sausage and bratwurst did not survive. My German potato salad was OK, but I was more interested in eating the meats and sauerkraut and didn’t eat much of it.
Three Meat Sampler Plate

Matt thought the gravy of the sauerbraten was good, but is more used to the meatballs in his grandmother’s recipe. The roast beef in this plate was a little dry. The spaetzles (dumplings) were good as well.

We tried two desserts which both came from the nearby Hofer’s Bakery. The black forest cake was rich yet light in texture. The warm apple streusel with vanilla ice cream was excellent.

If you are in Helen and want a German meal, I can recommend Hofbrau to you.

Hofbrauhaus Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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