Week 30: Papouli’s

Matt and I both enjoy a good meal at a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant, so a drive to north Macon to eat at Papouli’s was not a big stretch for us. I don’t know how long this place has been open, but I visited for lunch when I worked in Macon 10 years ago, so for a local place, it’s very established. The interior is somewhat cramped, but it’s a cafe and in the style of such. Also inside, you’ll find a selection of Greek groceries so you can create your own Greek meals at home.

Matt and I shared the hummus appetizer. He enjoyed the hummus, but I only sampled one bite and didn’t like it enough to continue.

I ordered the gyro meat plate, which is the same as a regular gyro, but without the larger pita wrap. I also asked for a Greek side salad instead of the fries, which was a fortuitous choice on my part, as I ended up mixing the salad with the gyro meat and side tomato and onion. In hindsight, I could also have ordered a salad topped with gyro meat, but sometimes the best meals spontaneously create themselves as you go. My sole complaint about the meal was that Papouli’s tzatziki sauce is not seasoned with dill, so it was slightly more bland than I expected. The meat was not served hot, more on the plain “warm” scale, but likely due to having shaved off the spit and allowed to sit for a few minutes longer than usual.
gyro meat plate

Matt ordered the pastitsio plate, which isn’t done justice by the photo here. The pastitsio just appears to be a lump of bread from that angle, but it’s a layer of pasta and sauce with a very rich, slightly sweet flavor, due to the inclusion of allspice. So rich that Matt could not finish the meal in one sitting. Matt also had a Greek pastry which he described as baklava with chocolate in an eclair shape.

Final thoughts: Papouli’s is decent Greek fare, and worth trying if you are nearby.

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