Week 29: Rusty’s Downtown Grill

Rusty’s Downtown Grill, located on Carroll Street in Perry, provided us a great meal at a good price on a recent Saturday evening. We were both interested to see for ourselves just what type of atmosphere and food Rusty’s would provide, and I would recommend this Perry restaurant to anyone. The menu has a wide variety of options that should suit any taste.

We began our meal with complementary garlic rolls. Hope you like butter!
Garlic Rolls

Rusty’s empanadas are more American in style with the seasoning and cheddar cheese, despite their Latin labeling. Now, the french fries that are served along with these meaty pastries? Those were some outstanding fries.

I ordered the Queen cut prime rib, and I thought it was a very good cut of meat. Matt would say it was not quite tender as he would like it, but I was pleased with the flavor and ate every last bite. My vegetables were a bit limp, but my sweet potato was perfectly baked.
Prime Rib

Matt was in a pasta mood, and went with the manicotti with meat sauce. He gave it a thumbs up.

My creme brulee cheesecake was pretty good, but Matt’s choice of chocolate cobbler was a disappointment. He did not care for the brownie much.
Creme Brulee

As usual, my preference for prime rib and cheesecake delivered a great meal — Give Rusty’s a try and see if you feel the same.

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Live, work, and play in Middle Georgia. I am: software craftswoman, Crossfitter, Primal Blueprinter, mountain biker, cat owner.
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2 Responses to Week 29: Rusty’s Downtown Grill

  1. Stanton says:

    My first trip to Rusty’s was so-so. I had the ribeye while it was ok, I had no immediate plans to return to the restaurant. I decided to go back after reading the review of the prime rib. I got the king cut and it was a huge portion (at least 1.25″ to 1 .5″ thick). The meat was very tender and flavorful though only lightly seasoned. The au jus added enough additional flavor to make it a great prime rib experience. Thanks Hillarie for another enticing review.

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