Week 28: Lemongrass

Outside MuralFor this week’s review, we were joined by two friends, which is always fun because not only do we have interesting conversations, we get to potentially sample more food! We trekked over to downtown Macon to try Lemongrass, a Thai bistro. This venue is very small, with a bar and one long row of tables. A few outside tables are also an option. We did have to wait about 15 minutes before a table became available. We quickly began to peruse the menu and contemplate just what dishes to try. But first, we needed a cocktail, and Matt could not resist ordering the special, the Time Warp Cocktail, in honor of the next door Hummingbird Stage and Taproom showing RHPS that evening.

Time Warp Cocktail
Matt’s opinion: Let’s do the time warp again!

One interesting section of the menu features special concoctions which if you purchase, a small donation is made to a certain local non-profit. I decided to try Mark’s Green Tini to support the Humane Society. I loved the cocktail glass, and the drink was a nice alternative to your traditional apple-tini. The Green Tini is pineapple flavored instead.
Mark's Green Tini

Always a calamari lover, I ordered a plate which also came with thinly sliced lemons, also fried in the calamari batter. I thought this was a very tasty twist, and the calamari itself was good, too.

We all ended up ordering quite differently. Eric went for sushi, and Sarah chose this Thai Clay Pot with tiger shrimp, mushrooms, bacon, and glass noodles. She enjoyed this flavorful dish.
Thai Clay Pot

I was debating several options, but decided on Thai baby back ribs with a soy-ginger-tamarind sauce. Served over a bed of freshly cooked vegetables (seriously, some of the best broccoli I have ever eaten, with only a slight exaggeration), the ribs were crispy on the outside and tender, with only some portions dried out. The taste was outstanding. Did I mention the broccoli was awesome? My photo did not turn out, sorry!

Matt went with the Tour of Lemongrass to get a sampling of flavors and texture, but he was a little disappointed in it. He did not care for the chicken salad (middle of the plate) and the chicken satay did not have a lot of seasoning. We also think that the price was a little high for the amount of food provided.
Taste of Thai

The food, especially the ribs, in my opinion, is very good. But, our experience overall was soured by poor service. I cannot really say why this was the case, but for one, our server was the only one working that evening. Yes, a couple other people were helping run food, but he was waiting on all the tables himself. I can only guess he was just a little overwhelmed. Matt has worked in the restaurant business for over a decade and is confident when he says that this server just plain forgot to put in orders. Matt waited while the three of us ate our meals entirely before his was brought out, and Eric never saw his entire order of sushi. I don’t like to write off a restaurant based on one visit, and especially not one server, so I hope if we get an opportunity to return to Lemongrass, the service is top notch and worthy of the delicious food.

Lemongrass...a Thai Bistro on Urbanspoon


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One Response to Week 28: Lemongrass

  1. gary schechterle says:

    Please leave me a date of your visit so I can address your issues – owner.

    Glad you enjoyed the meal – we need to address the service with our staff – so sorry

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