Week 27: Tasty Crust

Matt and I wanted a quick and easy pizza dinner for Week 27. We hemmed and hawed on which pizza place would get our business, and finally picked Tasty Crust as it was the closest of our contenders. Tasty Crust is primarily a take-out/delivery pizza joint. There are a few tables available, though, if you care to dine-in, which is what we chose to do. While tempting to try one of the appetizers like cheesy bread or spicy fried ravioli, we finally just went with a large pizza to share.

Ham and bell pepper pizza

Our ham and bell pepper pizza was very pretty, and I thought the pizza was pretty good. We were slightly disappointed in the quantity of ham topping, but everything tasted fresh. The good news is that Tasty Crust lives up to their namesake. The crust was just the right mixture of soft and crispy, without being too far in either direction. Along with the great flavor of the pizza, the crust was a great companion.

Tasty Crust won’t make #1 on my list of favorite local pizza places, but I would place them in my Top 5. Check out their specials and menu at TastyCrustPizza.com.

Tasty Crust on Urbanspoon


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