Week 26: The Catfish House

My quest for finding a good seafood restaurant locally is neverending. I do have one favorite in Warner Robins, but we just haven’t made it there this year for the blog, yet. But this past week, we did trek across town to The Catfish House on Moody Road to dine on fish and hushpuppies. A caveat before this review begins: Our waitress informed us before we left that the menu will be re-hauled in July, so be aware that your experience may differ from ours.

I hemmed and hawed until I decided to try a “Pick 2” plate with fried shrimp and grilled flounder with a side of fried sweet potato chips and cheese grits. The flounder was seasoned well and I was pleasantly surprised at its yumminess. I can get quite picky about my grilled fish. The shrimp, on the other hand, were duds. After the third one, I made up my mind that the rest weren’t worth eating. I am not sure what the problem was – just not a good flavor and seemed that perhaps they were fried well ahead of the time I actually ordered them. My sweet potatoes, grits, and hushpuppies were quite good, though.
Grilled flounder, fried shrimp, sweet potato fries, and cheese grits

Matt ordered the catfish, feeling that he was obligated since it was The Catfish House and all. He found them to be so-so, but quite liked the sweet potatoes and hushpuppies, too.
Catfish, hushpuppies, and sweet potato fries

We asked about dessert and were informed that the only offering was a complimentary ice cream on a brownie bite for birthdays. This lack of sweets will be addressed in the menu overhaul in July, though.

Catfish House on Urbanspoon


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2 Responses to Week 26: The Catfish House

  1. Kim says:

    I’d like to thank you for your comments regarding The Swanson. As the owner, they made a huge impact on me and brought about many changes at The Swanson. First of all, I closed The Sideboard Southern Buffet so that I could concentrate on my flagship restaurant, The Swanson. Secondly, I removed anything from our menu that isn’t a specialty of mine. That included many of our appetizers and specialty dishes. I’m a Southern cook so we’re sticking with what I know best. Next, I got rid of my kitchen manager and two of my line cooks. I’ve taken on the responsibilty of managing the kitchen myself. I have re-trained all remaining staff and added two new cooks who know how to season their food and taste before serving. It is now standard procedure for the cooks to prepare me a plate before each service so that I can taste everything. We have also made many additional changes to ensure the quality and freshness of our food. Finally, we’ve reduced our prices. I hope you’ll try us again soon and let us know what you think of our changes. Sincerely, Kim Sheridan.

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