Week 25: The Tavern

The Tavern is a newer restaurant in Warner Robins, making a run of it in a space that’s seen several restaurant and bars come and go over the years. A couple months back, Groupon ran a special for the Tavern that I picked up which gave me a “beer and burger” for $5. Not a bad sounding deal to me! We chose to dine on a recent Friday night and were seated promptly. We had some initial confusion over which server was picking up our table, but eventually it was settled without too much hassle.

We started with the wings appetizer. The sauce and chicken itself was your typical wings fare. We split the wings and didn’t have trouble eating our share.
Wings at The Tavern

My Groupon entitled me to the Traditional Burger – a patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese (choice of cheddar, swiss, or provolone). The bun is described as a French roll, and while I cannot vouch for its authenticity as French cuisine, it was very good and lightly grilled to give it some crispiness. I really enjoyed this burger. The fries were interesting, but I think slightly undercooked as most were not crispy. As a sauce, they provide the house steak sauce which is very fruity and sweet. The owner explained that the customers were the ones who started dipping fries into the steak sauce so they just went with it. Not quite my thing, but a nice quirk for them.
Burger and Fries at The Tavern

Matt had the chicken parmesan pasta dish. He liked it but was not overly wowed by it.
Chicken Parmesan at The Tavern

Yet again, when it was time to have dessert, we were both quite full and asked for a couple of selections to take home. My pick was the mango pie. An interesting twist on key lime, the taste was good, but the crust was soggy.
Mango Pie from The Tavern

This chocolate peanut butter cake was delicious, though. Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and chips, and topped with syrup. The cake was moist and the flavor was outstanding.

My advice: Go grab a burger and a slice of that chocolate peanut butter cake!

Tavern on Urbanspoon


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