Week 24: El Cotija

Week 24 brings you a takeout special. Due to circumstances of the weekend, we did not go out for dinner together as normal. Instead, I picked up a meal from a favorite nearby Mexican restaurant, El Cotija. Neither of us ventured outside of our comfort zones. Both of us picked our standard go-to entrees at El Cotija for this “comfort” meal.

For Matt, this go-to order is the Arroz con Pollo dinner. Grilled chicken strips are topped with melted cheese and served along with rice and a guacamole salad. Matt doesn’t care for the guac, so that means all the more for me. He always finds this meal to be very satisfying and delicious.
Arroz con pollo

My choice at El Cotija is usually the Tacos de Carne Asada with corn tortillas. Beef strips and chorizo are mixed together for the taco filling. A side of pico de gallo, rice, and beans come with the tacos, but I always ask for guacamole salad instead of the rice and beans. Typically, after 1 or 2 tacos, I ditch the tortillas and mix the remaining meat and salad together. Outstanding!
taco de carne asada

Of course, I always ask for this hot sauce along with my tacos. I could not tell you whether this sauce comes from a bottle or is a house-made specialty, but it really hits the spot on the spiciness meter.
hot sauce

For consistently good Mexican food in Warner Robins, be sure to try El Cotija on Margie Drive. I can also attest that if you work with their staff ahead of time, they can accomodate large lunch crowds well.
El Cotija Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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2 Responses to Week 24: El Cotija

  1. R. Clarke says:

    My spouse and I visited the restaurant. It was one of a many times. We have spent as much as 86.00 for our meal and drinks in the past, yesterday June 15,2015 was a horrible experience. The food was over cook dinner for two shrimp and chicken fajitas. The waitress was unfriendly and the pregnant waitress was just as sarcastic. No one will be referred there on our behalf and the experience will be shared throughout the communities.

    • hfurm says:

      I wouldn’t normally approve a negative comment without any context. But, I recently visited Cotija on a weeknight and received abysmal service, too. I’ll probably avoid them for a while. We have Margarita’s within a 1/2 mile of Cotija and I never have a bad meal there, so far. And just around the corner, at the gas station on Houston Lake and Gunn intersection, there’s a small taco place I’ve heard great things about.

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