Week 23: The Swanson

The Swanson is a home-style restaurant in downtown Perry, Georgia. The restaurant operates in a historical Southern home off Carroll Street, and is appropriately charming and quaint within its walls. I had high hopes for a delicious home-style meal here, but I came away from the table disappointed.

We started our meal with the appetizer trio. The chicken fingers were good, the fried green tomatoes were OK, but the sweet & spicy BBQ shrimp were not palatable. Between the overcooked, tasteless shrimp and the weird flavor of the sauce, I could not eat but one of these. Matt did not seem to find it so disagreeable and ate a few, but we still left a few shrimp untouched on the plate.
Appetizer Trio

We had already placed our orders prior to receiving our appetizer, but if we’d waited, I’d have picked something besides seafood, given my distaste for the shrimp. On this seafood sampler plate, I have some fried shrimp, catfish, oysters, and a salmon croquette. The shrimp were not peeled well so I had a bit of extra crunch with those. The breading overall for fried goods was bland, to my dismay. I didn’t find the catfish very good and the oysters were so-so. The salmon croquette was probably the best offering of the four meats. For my sides, the fried okra was decent and the sweet potato souffle was delicious.
Seafood Sampler Plate

Matt went with a terrestrial dish, the country-fried steak with gravy. He liked the gravy, but the steak was thin and overcooked. He also enjoyed the sweet potato souffle, but felt like the green beans were not that good.
Country Fried Steak

We were full from the appetizer and entrees, so we ordered a couple desserts to take home with us. Matt picked the 10 layer caramel cake which was very good, but both of us thought they could have been a little more generous in the serving size.
10 Layer Caramel Cake

I went with the Chocolate Decadence, which overall was pretty good, but I felt that the chocolate cake was a bit dry. The rest of the toppings more than compensated, though.
Chocolate Decadence

Overall, I wasn’t too keen on The Swanson. I found out from a friend that our server never provided us with the complimentary “little biscuits” which he says are outstanding. Bummer for us! I don’t like to completely write off a restaurant based on one visit, however. Maybe others could let us know what they think. I’d be willing to return and try different offerings.
Swanson Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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Live, work, and play in Middle Georgia. I am: software craftswoman, Crossfitter, Primal Blueprinter, mountain biker, cat owner.
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2 Responses to Week 23: The Swanson

  1. Kim says:

    Please see my comment under Week 26, The Catfish House. I posted it in the wrong place.

    • hfurm says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. As we said in our review, we don’t like to write off a place based on one visit, so I am hopeful that if we should return, we’ll find the flavor kicked up a notch based on your statements. I know that a few friends who recommended the Swanson to us originally had also found that the food was off on their more recent visits, so I’ll be sure to pass your comment along to them so they’ll return to the restaurant, too.

      I’d like to paste Kim’s comment here so that it’s tagged directly to our review of the Swanson.

      I’d like to thank you for your comments regarding The Swanson. As the owner, they made a huge impact on me and brought about many changes at The Swanson. First of all, I closed The Sideboard Southern Buffet so that I could concentrate on my flagship restaurant, The Swanson. Secondly, I removed anything from our menu that isn’t a specialty of mine. That included many of our appetizers and specialty dishes. I’m a Southern cook so we’re sticking with what I know best. Next, I got rid of my kitchen manager and two of my line cooks. I’ve taken on the responsibilty of managing the kitchen myself. I have re-trained all remaining staff and added two new cooks who know how to season their food and taste before serving. It is now standard procedure for the cooks to prepare me a plate before each service so that I can taste everything. We have also made many additional changes to ensure the quality and freshness of our food. Finally, we’ve reduced our prices. I hope you’ll try us again soon and let us know what you think of our changes. Sincerely, Kim Sheridan.

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