Week 22: Downtown Grill

It was my choice of restaurants for Week 22 given it’s close proximity to my birthday. I selected Downtown Grill in Macon. One of my influencing factors in this pick was that I had purchased a Restaurant.com certificate for Downtown Grill on one of those 90% discount days. One dollar for a $25 gift certificate? Yes, please! We made reservations for Saturday evening at 6:30 and were promptly seated upon arrival. (Side note: I had to return to the Tic Toc Room prior to our dinner for another fabulous Vanilla Blues martini.)

My immediate impression upon entering the Downtown Grill was the smell. It did not smell so great in the entry way. When we made our way through the bar and past the bathrooms, and were seated at our table, the smell abated. It’s the smell of being in a basement, I would say. The smell did not linger, thankfully, so after growing accustomed to it, it did not bother me any further. Our server soon introduced himself and described the specials. We ordered a round of cocktails and the Grit Fritter appetizer. In what seems to be a recurring theme lately, we dined in dim lighting. The Grit Fritter photo did not come out good, but I thought it was a well seasoned patty of grits and herbs.

Our drinks were both very good. Matt tried the Ginger Chill which was a very distinct, pleasant concoction.

Ginger Chill cocktail

I went with a Tropical Breeze that had a lovely blue color.

Tropical Breeze cocktail

The complimentary bread and butter were fabulous. The bread was the right mix of soft inside and crusty outside. I don’t know where they acquire their butter, but it’s delicious. I noticed that they cut the butter off a larger brick, so this is not typical store-bought butter.


For my entrée, I chose one of the specials, Spearfish diablo. I was expecting more spice, but it was very flavorful nonetheless. I have never heard of spearfish before, but I was glad I made this choice. The fish was topped with a creamy sauce and chopped shrimp and scallops. My sides were asparagus and cheese grits. It was a fabulous meal.

Spearfish Diablo

Matt ordered the veal parmesan with a side of grilled broccoli and pesto mashed potatoes. He was not as thrilled with his meal as me, but he commented on how good the broccoli turned out grilled.

Veal Parmesan

For dessert, we chose a slice of the Honey Ameretto Pie: Baked graham cracker crust, topped with a layer of Breyer’s cinnamon ice cream, followed with a layer of Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream, covered with a honey-amaretto sauce and roasted almonds. The flavor was really good, but I had the impression that the ice cream was a bit freezer burned.

All in all, it was a wonderful meal and great atmosphere. I would love to return here in the future for a special occasion.

Downtown Grill on Urbanspoon


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Live, work, and play in Middle Georgia. I am: software craftswoman, Crossfitter, Primal Blueprinter, mountain biker, cat owner.
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