Week 21: Martin’s BBQ

Matt and I have found our new favorite BBQ joint in town. We ventured to Martin’s BBQ (the location on Hwy 96) for Week 21 and were not disappointed. The restaurant setup is quite simple. Walk in and take a seat at one of the few tables inside. A waitress took order and the food was delivered in short order, served in plastic baskets and styrofoam containers. A quick note about their location on Hwy 96 – it’s closing as of 28 May 2011. They’ll still be open at their main location at the corner of Watson Blvd and First St in Warner Robins, though. Now, on to the food.

My main go-to meal at a BBQ restaurant is the brisket. Martin’s brisket is one of the best I’ve ever had. It was tender and full of flavor. I had a side of fried okra and brunswick stew. The okra was also really good. They season it with their spice rub and that really kicks up the flavor. The breading was very crisp and not overly greasy. As for the stew, I thought it was OK. Matt also ordered a side of stew and felt the same. Unfortunately, my photo blurred, but trust me. Good food here:
Martin's BBQ Brisket

Matt ordered his go-to, pulled pork. He liked the meat, and added Martin’s hot vinegar sauce to give it some kick. He enjoyed his baked beans and described them as having a peculiar (good) flavor, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it came from. The green beans were so-so.
Martin's BBQ Pulled Pork

Feeling full from our meal, we asked for pecan pie and banana pudding to go. We enjoyed these treats later in the evening. These are your average desserts in terms of taste. Nobody has ever topped my grandmother’s banana pudding, so I find I can’t be too picky about it.
Martin's BBQ Pecan Pie

Martin's BBQ Banana Pudding

If you are looking for some good BBQ, please give Martin’s a try.

Martin's BBQ on Urbanspoon


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Live, work, and play in Middle Georgia. I am: software craftswoman, Crossfitter, Primal Blueprinter, mountain biker, cat owner.
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