Week 19: Fernando’s

Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual For Week 19, we bring you Vacation Edition #2 – Fernando’s! One of our ports of call on our cruise was Costa Maya in Mexico. The port of Costa Maya is about a 5 minute cab ride from a small beach town called Majahual. This small town consists of two main streets. The majority of tourists hang out on the beach and the restaurants and shops along the first street. Just behind, on the second street, is a treasure of a restaurant we discovered by researching the port of call on Cruise Critics. The morning of our visit, we took a tour of a Mayan ruin a ways out from the town. On our way back, we chose to be dropped off in Majahual rather than at the port. It was time for lunch, and it was time for Fernando’s!

Fernando’s is open air, sand floor, pure awesomeness.
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

We began with a complimentary tequila and grapefruit soda mix. Again, I am no tequila fan, but this was a very mild, slightly sweet (and salty!) aperetif. Fernando makes his own tequila on-site.
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

The tequila barrel:
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

You are also served a variety of sauces with a side of tortilla chips. The sauces are all made in-house. All of them were delicious and you could pick and mix spices according to your taste and level of spiciness desired.
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

I also ordered a bowl of guacamole. I *could* be exaggerating some here, but it was the best guacamole I’ve ever had.
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

Matt also tried the house salsa. It was not your typical wet salsa, but a fresh mix of diced tomatoes and onions with herbs and spices.
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

We ordered our meals, freshly prepared, beyond fabulous. I had a crab meat with garlic sauce, accompanied by rice, tortillas, and fresh vegetables. Topped with guacamole and Fernando’s verde sauce, every bite was heaven. M. had tacos de pollo, and he relished every bite as well. As soon as the plates were presented to us, we ate quickly because of the flies. I am not complaining about the flies. We were eating in what was an outside setting and just like you’d experience at your everyday outdoor barbecue, the flies were ready to land on our wonderful meals. I didn’t even take time to snap a photo before we ate, but this is what we had left over:
Fernando's 100% Agave, Majahual

After our meals, Fernando brought out tequila & anise shooter digestifs. I am not big on the flavor of anise (licorice), but I found the mix to be refreshing. The menu prices are in Mexican pesos, which on the day we visited exchanged at 10.35 to the USD. Our total for the entire feast came to be only $18 USD. Wow!

Sadly, Fernando’s is not a restaurant we can visit anytime we please. But you can be sure anytime we cruise the Western Caribbean again, we will make it a point to book an itinerary with Costa Maya included so we can return to this fabulous place.


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15 Responses to Week 19: Fernando’s

  1. jamih07 says:

    I want to go to there!!!

    • hfurm says:

      OK one day, me you and Sarah will go. The guys can come, maybe! We’ll find the cheapest cruise that goes to Costa Maya. It will be awesome!

  2. Stephen Tabb says:

    I’ve been there!! Going again in 3 weeks! Ran out of Fernando’s tequila and had to book a cruise to get more, LOL. 🙂 I’m bookmarking the blog so I can follow along. crewsweeper from CC boards.

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  4. work'n2cruise says:

    Saw your post on Crews Critic which brought me to your blog. We are going at the end of October and this is my MUST GO to stop in Costa Maya! Looking forward to it.


    • hfurm says:

      Please let us know what you thought of Fernando’s when you return. We are looking at a Rock n Roll cruise in November that stops in Costa Maya just to have another meal there!

  5. Jeff Wilson says:

    We were in Costa Maya in April 2011 and it was the best part of the eentire cruise…by far!!!! It was a total dining experience and is well worth the price of the cruise just to go back! Fernando actually provided some Cuban’s as our after dinner treat and it was the perfect way to end the day!

  6. abrasing says:

    My husband, brother and I ate at Fernando’s on our cruise in December. It was recommended to us by our taxi driver and did not dissappoint! The food was delicious and the tequila was even better!!! We spent several hours here and even met a sweet couple from Mexico city who ate lunch with us and showed us around afterwards. They were even nice enough to drive us back to the cruise ship. If I’m ever back in Costa Maya Fernando’s will be my first stop! So glad to see that others have discovered this local restaurant and the wonderful hospitality provided by everyone that works there!

  7. mike daily says:

    going on my first cruise 18-25 feb. 2012…last stop is costa maya and definitely will eat at AGAVE!!!

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  9. Cal Rush says:

    Sadly, Fernando’s 100% Agave is no more!

  10. Stephen Tabb says:

    Well He’s BAACCKK!! On the beach in Mahahual. Same beach place as before. Tequila too!! Yippee! Except we’re not heading that way until 2015. 😦

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