Week 18: Cafe Tu Tu Tango

We’re a little behind in our blogging due to a vacation. Since we were traveling, we weren’t sure how we’d keep the blog on the weekly schedule, but we found a couple of gems to share with you. First, two Fridays ago we stopped in Orlando on our way to Miami and had dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. The Cafe is a tapas-style restaurant, which means everything is served in small portions. All the more better to sample several delicious foods!

I must first apologize for the low quality photos. I am still rocking the iPhone 3GS and without a flash, the low lighting makes for poor pictures. We began with a couple of drinks.

Rum Runner Leonardo Lemonade

In our haste to devour the phenomenal Tango Wrapped and Stuffed Shrimp (pepper jack cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped; served over baby greens with guava mustard), we neglected to take a photo. I’m sorry. They’re absolutely delicious, though. After the shrimp, we picked the guava bbq glazed ribs plate. The rib meat itself was not very good, but we thought the sauce had great flavor.

Guava BBQ Glazed Ribs

Our third plate was very good, the picadillo and cheese empanadas. Picadillo is spicy beef and these were quite tasty.

Picadillo and Cheese Empanadas

I’m not sure how we had room for it, but we devoured this banana pizza for dessert. Menu description: cinnamon flatbread topped with streusel, fresh bananas, banana-walnut ice cream, caramel sauce and whip cream. Yes, it was that good.

Banana Pizza

If you ever get an opportunity while in Orlando, be sure to stop in at Cafe Tu Tu Tango for outstanding food and drinks. Especially if you are an art aficionado – lots of local artists present their art pieces here and you can purchase anything you see on the walls.

Café Tu Tu Tango on Urbanspoon


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  2. matt laclear says:

    Right on!

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