Week 17: El Bronco

I am sure some astute readers will notice a correlation between the delay in posting about a visit to a restaurant and the amount we rave about a particular menu item or experience overall. Needless to say, as I post this on Friday morning, you will extrapolate that we didn’t find anything to rave about for Week 17’s restaurant, El Bronco in Warner Robins. Matt and I wanted to try a Mexican restaurant that neither of us had been to before, so El Bronco was our selection.

The restaurant resides in what used to be the Texas Cattle Company building on Watson Blvd. I noticed that the bar was still in operation, and the margaritas were a popular choice as I saw several being delivered to other patrons. Neither Matt nor I were in the mood for drinking, so we didn’t sample one, unfortunately. We’re not margarita people, anyway. Therefore, my first impression of El Bronco came from the chips and salsa. Sorry, El Bronco, but I have to give your salsa a grade of C. I just don’t like my salsa so thin.

Chips and Salsa at El Bronco, Warner Robins GA

For our entrees, Matt picked the enchilada supreme. Matt likes enchiladas, and I had been told (can’t remember who) that El Bronco’s enchiladas were very good. Matt found them to be average, and commented on the interesting gravy they are topped with versus the typical red sauce.

Enchiladas Supreme at El Bronco, Warner Robins GA

I went with my standard order as well, the carne asada. I asked to leave the beans off, and they doubled the rice. I would have preferred more guacamole – perhaps I should ask next time. I thought the dish was good, but again, not spectacular.

Carne Asada at El Bronco, Warner Robins GA

I can’t say we highly recommend El Bronco, but we can also say you will get a good meal here. Give them a try if you are looking for a change of scenery from your normal Mexican restaurant.

el Bronco on Urbanspoon


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