Week 16: Yoder’s Deitsch Haus

I found myself looking over our list of restaurants, wondering what type of cuisine we had so far neglected to cover in the past fifteen weeks. Perusing the list, I noted that we had yet to visit a good southern-style restaurant. Now as to deciding which one, I picked Yoder’s in Montezuma since I also wanted to head down south a little ways to pick strawberries at Lane Southern Orchards. A few friends also came along and I think everyone was happy with our choice to travel a little ways for delicious food.

Yoder’s restaurant is operated by a group of Mennonites. Before taking a seat, you go through the buffet line and pick out what you want to eat. There is a range of offerings for salads, meats, sides, breads, and desserts. Between the eight of us dining at Yoder’s, we had a wide variety of pickings, and I can’t say that one complaint was made about any particular item. Just a listing of what was on our plates: Fried chicken, roast beef, meatloaf, fried shrimp, fried okra, green beans, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, turnip greens.

Shrimp, okra, and greens at Yoder's
I thought the cornbread muffin was very good and not too dry. I despise dry cornbread! Both the okra and shrimp breading was not greasy and had a good flavor. I probably should have grabbed some hot sauce (available by the checkout) for my greens, though.

meatloaf & potatoes at Yoder's
Matt enjoyed his meatloaf and potatoes. Yes, that is a plate of both mashed potatoes and cheesy potatoes.

Yoder’s offers a variety of pies/cakes both in single serving form in the restaurant, and there is a bakery offering these delicious goods to take home, too.

blueberry pie at Yoder's
Matt went with blueberry pie. He loved every bite, but I found it a little too sweet. (Yes I do think some desserts are too sweet!)

I forgot to take a picture of my buttermilk chess pie slice. However, I will use this photo found at a Central Georgia Southern Food Guide website. I make buttermilk pie (sans crust) from time to time, and I definitely rated this one a notch above my pie. Matt disagreed, isn’t that nice of him to say?

Buttermilk chess pie

We are joking now that we’d like to return to Yoder’s and just get a small plate of meat/veggies and two desserts! Stop in to Yoder’s for lunch or dinner and consider doing the same.

Yoder's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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