Week 14: Tic Toc Room

Vanilla Blues Behold the Vanilla Blues martini from downtown Macon’s Tic Toc Room. Crafted from Absolut Vanilia, Blue curacao, and a blueberry liqueur, this drink is still the object of my longing 48 hours since I had my taste of it. This past Saturday, we ventured down MLK Jr Blvd to dine in the Tic Toc Room, which neither of us had ever been to before. We were slightly under-dressed for this venue, so we quickly grabbed a seat at the bar when we entered. It worked out well so we could have some natural lighting from the sun to snap a few pictures. We had arrived a little early, at 5:30, so we were able to observe the arrivals of several prom-goers (thus making me feel even more under-dressed than I should have been). Nevertheless, with this martini in hand, our meal at Tic Toc Room was very satisfying.

Matt also ordered a drink, The Martin, which was a mix of vanilla and orange vodka with Cointreau. Along with some featured martinis, the bar is well stocked with a large wine selection. I don’t normally go for a martini, but I was very happy with my choice.
The Martin

You have a couple of options when it comes to dining at the Tic Toc room. You may order a meal, of which several sounded delicious, and are priced in the 15-30 dollar range. Or, as we chose to do, we ordered off the tapas-style menu of small plates so we could get a variety of tastes. For the first two picks, we selected the hummus and pita plate and tandoori chicken skewers.

Hummus and Pita Wedges

Tandoori Chicken Skewers

I thought both items had a good flavor, but not spectacular. The chicken came along with some Sriracha and a sweet sauce on the side. Still feeling hungry, we ordered a second round of food, this time selecting the smoked salmon and Maryland crab cake.

Maryland Crab Cake

A blessing and a curse, the sunlight ruined my photo of the salmon, sorry! As it was a smoked salmon, it was served cold, which turned Matt off. I ended up eating the majority and thought it was seasoned well with dill and the accompanying sauce. We both liked the crab cake, though.

For dessert, several items were tempting, including a chocolate ganache cake. But, Matt let me decide and I wanted to try the tres leches. It was a beautiful presentation when served.

Tres Leches

Matt liked the additional flavor from the strawberries, and while I liked it, it didn’t quite top my favorite tres leches from Emilio’s.

I’d like to return to Tic Toc some time soon, just to have another Vanilla Blues martini. And maybe to try that chocolate cake!

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