Week 13: Shahenshah

This past Saturday we had planned on making a trip to Macon again, but with a bad storm rolling through, we decided a longer trip should be postponed until this week. So, we went to Shahenshah, located down Watson Boulevard, almost near the intersection of Corder Road. Shahenshah offers a variety of Indian as well as Mediterranean dishes on their menu. So if Indian food isn’t your thing, they at least have something for everyone else (picky eaters need not apply). It’s worth noting that we’ve eaten here before, so everything is familiar to us. Also, for those of you looking for a quick lunch, they offer a buffet during the week for the on-the-go folks.


Close up of the Dolmades, Falafel, and Tandoori

Before we got to our meals, we ordered a sampler appetizer, which had pita bread, dolmades, falafel, and a mixed meat tandoori. The sauce was ok, and tasted a bit like mayonnaise. However, everything else was delicious. Hillarie was enamored with the tandoori meats, while I hungrily devoured the pita bread.

We are also served Papadum (an Indian flatbread) with a side of two sauces; one of which is an creamy, herb flavored sauce, the other is a spicy, fruit flavored chutney.

On to the meals!

Like our trip to Taj a month ago, I ordered the Vindaloo. But Shahenshah does not serve Goat, so I went with the Lamb. It still has the same great flavor and tenderness and no bones to worry about! It doesn’t look like much on my plate, but they bring the dishes out on the side and you spoon yourself what you want. You can also see the huge piece of Garlic Naan hanging off of my plate, soon to be in mah belly. Mmmmmmm Garlic Naan.

Hillarie ordered a Shrimp Karahi as her main course meal. The Jumbo shrimp underwhelmed her at first but, despite being slightly overcooked, went down without an issue. The sauce had a good flavor to it and was at the pinnacle of her spiceness range without going overboard.

Again, we skipped out on dessert in favor of some home made cookies later that evening. They offer two varieties of Kulfi (which are an Indian homemade ice cream) and the ever so popular Baklava (a traditional Greek dessert).

Shahenshah Diner on Urbanspoon

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