Week 12: JL’s BBQ

Sorry for the lack of update on this week’s post; when we tried to update on Tuesday, WordPress was acting up and we never got back around to it. That said, this update will be short and to the point. Let’s get started.

Last Saturday, Hillarie wanted some BBQ. After perusing our list, we settled on JL’s BBQ in Macon. It’s right off of I-475 on exit 3, which is Eisenhower Parkway.

Immediately when we entered we could smell the smokey pit. From what I have heard, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. For me, it only made me hungrier, but for those not accustomed to it… I can see why it might be a turn off. After looking over the menu, Hillarie decided on the Beef Brisket, and I settled on the pulled pork (which you will begin to notice is a trend for BBQ places). We also both ordered a side of Brunswick Stew.

Brunswick Stew at JL's BBQ (Macon GA)

The Brunswick Stew was mighty tasty. It had a nice flavorful kick to it, but seemed a little too much on the tomato-y side. Hillarie mentions that she likes her Stew ground up (meaning everything is blended together) instead of the chunky style as you can see in the picture.

Brisket Plate at JL's BBQ (Macon GA)

Hillarie’s Brisket came with a side of cole slaw and sweet potato fries. While she wasn’t too keen on the slaw, the fries found themselves on the short end of the stick. For her brisket, she used a combination of JL’s honey and hot sauces, to give her meal a sweet and spicy kick.

Pulled Pork Plate at JL's BBQ (Macon GA)

My pulled pork came with a side of baked beans and macaroni and cheese. While the mac and cheese was okay, the beans knocked it out of the park. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but there were some mighty chunks of bacon in there (and bacon makes everything better)! My BBQ already had the mild sauce on it, so I added a little bit of the hot to spice things up.

After dinner, we had no room for dessert. But I would like to mention that they had an assortment of pies, including a delicious Southern Pecan Pie and a rich Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie. We may have to stop in while we are passing through someday to try them!

JL's Open Pit Bar B Q on Urbanspoon

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