Week 10: Peking Garden & Sushi

For Week 10, we chose a local Chinese restaurant that we’ve both eaten at before. I was told to try the honey chicken at Peking Garden by a friend, so I was anxious to do so finally. Peking Garden has a good sushi selection, but on this visit we would stick to the Chinese options on the menu.

We stopped in at Peking Garden around 6:30 on Friday evening, and it was very busy. As a result, we did have to wait a few minutes before our server could stop by the table. He was quick to bring our drinks and appetizer (egg rolls) afterward, though. The egg rolls are nothing special, and I was a little disappointed we had no duck sauce at the table to accompany them. They are served with sweet and sour sauce, instead.

For my entrée, I, of course, selected the honey chicken dish.

Honey Chicken at Peking Garden

The chicken was very tender and the breading just crispy enough – perfect to my tastes. The honey sauce was not overly sweet, either.

Matt selected the orange chicken dish. In the past, I have tasted and not liked this meal, but when I tried some on this visit, I quite liked the flavor. This dish has a bit of spiciness, especially if you partake in the red peppers.

Orange Chicken at Peking Garden

My only complaint, looking back at what we ordered, is the lack of some vegetables. Next time, I would consider ordering a vegetable-only entrée to share as an accompaniment our chicken dishes. Overall, we enjoy this restaurant and it’s a go-to for Chinese for us due to it’s closeness and quality.

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