Week 9: Casa Mexico

This week we wanted something fast and local. Of course, in Georgia, if you want something fast, you head to a Chinese or Mexican restaurant. We decided to go check out Casa Mexico in Byron, which is only a short drive from our house and some place we had never been. Casa Mexico is located in the Peach Shops Outlet, right off of I-75 at exit 149.

The interior of the restaurant was larger than I anticipated, extending a good way and providing a lot of room. This is also the first time I have ever eaten at a Mexican restaurant where there was a wait at the door. This place was booming by the time we left. We got seated in a very back room and perused the menu. We were greeted with Chips and Salsa (a standard) and found that the Salsa had a nice bite to it, something we both enjoy.

Carne Asada

Hillarie set her eyes on the Carne Asada, with a side of rice and beans, and of course the usual salad. The meat was very tender and cut into smaller strips, perfect for stuffing into her soft flour tortillas. And while she hungrily ate up the guacamole, I couldn’t convince her to eat the huge Jalapeno on her plate. In all, she had to save the rest for lunch so she didn’t fill herself up before the dessert.


As I usually do when I go to eat Mexican, I order the Enchiladas Supreme, which comes with a beef, cheese, chicken, and bean enchilada, covered in red sauce and the usual salad and sour cream. Before we could get a picture I had already smothered everything on my plate, messing up the nice pile I had in the middle of my plate that had made a nice presentation. As always, this meal never disappoints and I always fill up before I have a chance to finish. No to-go box for me though, as reheating these turns out to be disastrous.


For dessert, we had a variety of choices, but ultimately went with the exotically named Xango, which was really just fried cheesecake. But, after it was topped with honey, cinnamon, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, we couldn’t help but to dig in. In the span of a couple of minutes, the plate was demolished. A must have for any dessert aficionados .

Xango - gone

Personally, the only drawback I have was the size and atmosphere. Most other Mexican restaurants have a small, quaint feeling to them, while Casa Mexico seemed to draw more from the larger chain restaurant type seating. If you do choose to go, plan on going early. We were leaving around 6:30pm and noticed the crowd, but were immediately seated when we arrived less than an hour earlier.

Casa Mexico on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Week 9: Casa Mexico

  1. jamih07 says:

    I want that dessert!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    My favorite Mexican place here in middle GA. I’ve never had anything I thought was bad but I absolutely love the their Chile Relleno, Tamal and Carnitas.

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