Week 8: Taj Indian Restaurant

This week’s entry is actually a bit of an odd one. You see, we had decided to try an Indian restaurant this week. Our normal go-to is Shahenshah in Warner Robins, and while their food and atmosphere is excellent, we wanted to try something new. So, our stop took us to Macon where we went to Brindavan Indian Restaurant. Only, it wasn’t Brindavan. It was now called Taj. From what I can gather, it was merely a name change and still under the same ownership. We sauntered in and sat at a nearby booth.

The first thing I would like to note is about the atmosphere. Every Indian restaurant I’ve eaten at has made it an effort to stand out and make an attempt to be authentic. While the interior gave the place a little bit of flair, the widescreen TV playing Big Momma’s House didn’t. It wasn’t the fact that the TV was on, it was the fact that they were playing the sound through the restaurant speakers. At least mute the TV and play some music when customers arrive. However, we choose to ignore it and concentrate on what we came here for: yummy Indian food.

Hillarie went with an order of Lamb Curry, I went with an order of Goat Vindaloo, and we got an order of Garlic Naan on the side. Both dishes were served with a side of Saffron rice.

Lamb Curry

Hillarie’s Lamb Curry looks absolutely delicious. She ordered it with medium spice and she mentioned that it was just the right amount for her, without going over the top. She commented to me that the prices of our meals were cheaper than Shahenshah and that the portions we received were also larger. This didn’t stop her from eating every last bite.

Goat Vindaloo

My Goat Vindaloo was just as large as her serving. In addition, most of my meat came attached to the bone, so it was nice and tender. I normally get a Lamb Vindaloo, but don’t usually have the chance to try Goat and felt like trying something different. I was a bit more subdued with my hunger however, and saved half of my meal so I could sample one of their desserts. It gave me a great lunch to look forward to the next day.

For dessert, we tried the Rice Kheer. The picture we took really didn’t turn out too well, so I’ll do my best to describe it. It was steamed rice soaked in a sweetened milk with cardamom seeds. For anyone that has ever had rice pudding, it had a similar taste, but a different texture (it wasn’t thick like a pudding). The cardamom really gave it a unique flavor we weren’t expecting and were pleasantly surprised. I would recommend it to anyone willing to try something out of the ordinary.

Google Maps has this listed under their new name (Taj) but Urbanspoon still carries the old name (Brindavan). Regardless, it is the same location and besides the TV thing, it was great. As always, getting to try a new location and different meals at the same time was a pleasurable experience.

Brind Avan Indian Garden on Urbanspoon

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