Week 6: Fish n Pig

In the week preceding our visit, Hillarie hinted at the fact that she really wanted to munch on some fish and hush puppies. We had recently had a catfish night at the house and I wasn’t feeling it, so we looked at other options. That’s where Fish n Pig at Lake Tobesofkee comes in. As the name of the restaurant implies, they serve a variety of seafood items as well as traditional southern BBQ plates. This would give both of us an opportunity to sample something we would both enjoy.

Upon arriving I noticed the restaurant sitting on the edge of the lake and having an outdoors area felt similar to The Crab Shack in Savannah. They had a pretty large parking lot and a lot of room indoors, which forewarned of the impending crowd we ran into as we left. Luckily for us, we got there early enough to be seated immediately and didn’t have to deal with the wait or large crowd. Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures because of the lighting inside (we were right on the edge of dusk and they hadn’t turned up any indoor lighting quite yet), so you’ll have to use your imagination on this one a bit.

Looking over the menu, Hillarie and myself both decided to get the same thing, in a sense. They offer a combo platter of any choice of their entrees, along with 2 sides. Hillarie went with an all seafood meal of fried shrimp and grilled scallops, with a side of cheese grits and potato salad. She really enjoyed her meal, especially the shrimp which were big and juicy.

Even though I was originally objecting to the seafood idea, I caved in and order the combo platter with fried catfish and BBQ pulled pork, with a side of brunswick stew and fries. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, taking the effort to savor my BBQ half of the platter. However, I was not feeling the catfish after I had ordered it and getting full, decided to skip the rest in favor of eating everything else.

Of course, our dinners were served with hush puppies as well, which is always a pleasure with any fish dish. With both of us being full at that point, we called it a night and asked for the check. For dessert, they offer Key Lime Pie (always a favorite) and Banana Pudding. I wish we had the chance to partake in these delightful desserts, but we were already pushing the breaking point. Maybe some other time.

Fish N' Pig on Urbanspoon

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