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Viewer’s Choice

Now that our blog has been around a few weeks and we are seemingly getting some decent local traffic, both of us thought it would be a fun idea to give everyone out there a chance to choose our next … Continue reading

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Week 8: Taj Indian Restaurant

This week’s entry is actually a bit of an odd one. You see, we had decided to try an Indian restaurant this week. Our normal go-to is Shahenshah in Warner Robins, and while their food and atmosphere is excellent, we … Continue reading

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Week 7: Emilio’s Cuban Cafe

For our seventh week in, we trekked across town to Emilio’s Cuban Cafe. Having been once previously, we knew what to expect. We were seated quickly and some buttery garlic bread presented as an appetizer. I remember the bread as … Continue reading

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Week 6: Fish n Pig

In the week preceding our visit, Hillarie hinted at the fact that she really wanted to munch on some fish and hush puppies. We had recently had a catfish night at the house and I wasn’t feeling it, so we … Continue reading

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Week 5: China Palace

I approached this review with some trepidation. For all of my thirty years, China Palace has been a constant in the multitude of Warner Robins restaurants opening and closing. As long as I can remember, China Palace has set the … Continue reading

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