Mini Update

In school we are always taught a few lessons about time. A minute has 60 seconds, an hour has 60 minutes, a day has 24 hours and so on. They tell us a year has 52 weeks. The concept of this blog was that we were planning on spending one night a week (a Saturday) hitting up local establishments to give them a fighting chance in the world of corporate franchises. Now, while this year still has “52 weeks”, a quick look at a calendar will show that we have 53 Saturdays. 53. Kinda throws the whole thing off now doesn’t it?

Honestly, we aren’t sure what we are going to do yet. Could we us that extra day to skip a week if we need to? An emergency day? Do we just treat it as normal and visit 53 local restaurants instead? Who knows. When the time comes, we’ll see what happens to this extra day.

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