Week 4: Greek Village Restaurant

Sorry about the delay on this latest update folks, but this weekend was a bit more unusual than the rest. Hillarie had been out of town for a bike event over our normal date night on Saturday, so we postponed our weekly excursion to Sunday night. This week is the first time we’ve gone out to a place that we’ve already dined before. Greek Village on Russell Parkway in Warner Robins is situated roughly half way between Houston Lake Road and 247, next to Popeye’s. This location has housed various other restaurants before, but we hope Greek Village will be sticking around for a while.

Greek Village serves a variety of simple Greek and Mediterranean dishes, as well as other basic sandwiches and seafood. We normally choose to eat here for breakfast simply because they serve you a lot of food for a good price. As well, the dinner portions are also well sized and very delicious.

We got started out with a serving of parmesan garlic buttered yeast rolls and some chicken wings. The rolls were excellent (even if Hillarie didn’t want to eat the one soaked in butter) and the wings had a flavorful sweet and spicy sauce very similar to a teriyaki blend. These appetizers are free after 5 PM.
Rolls and wings

Hillarie decided to try a Shrimp Trio dish, which had some fried shrimp, crab-stuffed jumbo shrimp, and shrimp scampi. This was served with a side of rice. While she wasn’t able to finish her entire meal (the picture denies you exactly how big these dishes are), she enjoyed every bite.

My original choice was going to be the Greek Pastichio, which is similar to a Lasagna. However, they didn’t have any left so I was forced into my second choice, which was called the Tour of Greece. It was Chicken, Beef, and Gyro meat served over a pita with some Greek Potatoes, served with a generous helping of Tzatziki on the side. I ate this the first time we dined here so I figured I had better stick with some familiar. I also couldn’t eat my whole meal, but managed to devour the delicious gyro meat before stopping.
Mmmm Gyros.

Greek Village also offers a wonderful line of European style cakes and pastries. Unfortunately, the weekend drains them of most of their goodies (I would suggest stopping in on a Tuesday or Friday for your best chance). Of course this didn’t stop me from getting a huge slice of Baklava to go. This flaky, nutty dessert is a wonderful after dinner treat. While Hillarie didn’t really care for it’s super sweet taste, I made sure the plate was clean.
Baklava. Yummy.

All in all, we were very satisfied with our visit. Their menu has expanded a bit since the last time we went so their selection can fit most diets. If you find the time, stop in and grab a bite to eat, even if it is just for coffee and a huge slice of cake.

Greek Village on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to Week 4: Greek Village Restaurant

  1. Dad Furman says:

    I recall having breakfast at this establishment during a visit…must say that breakfast was excellent, and by the sounds of your review…dinner should be on the agenda during our next visit.

    Love the 52 weeks, 52 restaurants column…look forward to your weekly reviews.

  2. Jami Hoselton says:

    Yeah a “like” button!!!

  3. jamih07 says:

    and i figured out how to use it!!

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