Week 3: Tacos Dos Amigos

I read a Macon.com restaurant review and knew I couldn’t wait to try this Mexican restaurant with Matt. Some shopping in Macon gave us a chance to head over to this somewhat hard to find establishment. Tip: It’s in the Rose’s shopping plaza across from DQ on Pio Nono, not the shopping plaza further up near Eisenhower Pkwy across from Krispy Kreme. At 6 o’clock on a Saturday evening, we were the sole customers, but this did not deter us from enjoying ourselves.

Tacos dos Amigos has a variety of flavored sodas including apple, mandarin, strawberry, pineapple, and others. They also had a small beer selection. Thankfully, I spotted the Negra Modelo to accompany my meal. And if you’re looking for Coca Cola with sucre, not HFCS, you will be happy here.

To garnish your meal to your liking, they provide a small bar with fresh guacamole, salsas, peppers, lettuce, pico de gallo, and other toppings. The guacamole was slightly spicy and chunky – I really liked it.

guac, beer, and salsa
Guacamole, beer, and salsa

Apple Soda
Matt’s apple soda

For my dinner, I went with the bistec mexicana. The dish you see here that includes steak cuts, onions, and jalapenos, also came with three tortillas. Perfect for wrapping up with some guacamole!

tacos & quesadilla
Matt had two tacos de carne asada and a quesadilla de pollo. He used the fresh bar to add some toppings just how he likes it.

We were both too full after our meals to try a dessert. They have flan, sopapilla, and a fried banana burrito. I think I’d like to try that burrito!

Tacos dos Amigos is not your typical Mexican fare. The food was fresh tasting and delicious. We’ll be sure to return if we have the opportunity.

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