Mid Week Mini

The other day I went to Publix to pick up a few items to cook for dinner (the days we don’t go out we still try and eat something nutritious =). For anyone that’s been to Publix, they have quite a diverse international selection of imported goods from all over. They even have a section for British food. Better yet, they have quite a selection of British Candy! I can’t resist a good candy or two and I figured I’d give some a try. I picked up a Bounty Bar, a Mint Aero Bar, and a Fry’s Orange Cream Bar.

Don’t be fooled, the Bounty Bar was just a Mounds bar here in the states, no discernible difference. The Mint Aero bar had a smoothier flavor to it than I expected, not the sharp taste of mint your normally expect. I was told to let it melt in my mouth instead of munching on it, so it may have added to my experience. The Orange Cream bar was excellent, easily the best of the 3. I’m a sucker for those chocolate and orange cream things you normally find in a box of chocolate, so I was glad it wasn’t too bitter.

The imported goods are slightly more expensive than our American counterparts, so I wouldn’t find myself buying these constantly. But the small splurge for a couple of sweet tooth cravings was worth it.

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