Trials and Tribulations

The idea for the whole 52/52 concept was actually derived a couple years ago in a similar manner. We both decided to try the date night thing once a week on Friday or Saturday as a way for us to get out of the house and enjoy each other’s company. It also let us cut down on the amount of times we would go out to eat and we could concentrate on eating healthier at the house. This worked well most of the time, however we never had a goal set in mind and sometimes we would “fall of the wagon”.

Last year, we tried something along the same line; we went out for a Sunday breakfast at a different establishment every week, then went grocery shopping. Again, it worked well at the beginning, but with no real objective in mind, it fell by the wayside.

This year we are doing the blog and making it known to friends and family, so we are more apt to stay on target. Setting goals publicly allows a greater chance of success.

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