Week 1: Mama Mia’s

Saturday night, January 1, we ended up at Mama Mia’s on Russell Pkwy in Warner Robins. Our first choice, Tropical Flava, was holding a special New Year’s event so we postponed our visit for another time. We then selected China Palace as they treat us like family there, but alas, China Palace was closed! Our decision then was to turn back around and try Mama Mia’s, having never been there before.

Garlic Knots by hill_242, on Flickr

We began by ordering the Garlic Knots appetizer. These little nuggets of dough, seasoning, and melted butter were yummy. The accompanying marinara sauce is outstanding.

Stromboli by hill_242, on Flickr

My selection for dinner was the stromboli. I loved the presentation of the “wrapped” dough.

Calzone by hill_242, on Flickr

Matt went with a calzone for his meal – look at the size of this thing!

Our basic impression of the “dough” portion of our meal is that it was good “pizza”, but it did not wow us. However, I spotted one diner receive a plate of spaghetti with a gigantic meatball — that may be worth trying should we return!

Italian Cheesecake by hill_242, on Flickr

Now this cheesecake is the Italian style cheesecake. Instead of dense cream cheese, Italian cheesecake contains ricotta and results in a light, fluffy cheesecake. We both enjoyed this treat very much.

Check out Mama Mia’s website at mamamiasonline.com.

Mama Mia Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon


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4 Responses to Week 1: Mama Mia’s

  1. Jami Hoselton says:

    I love the new header pic and I am very excited to see all the places yall will go!

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  3. Delores C. Sheppard says:

    I wonder if they have Cannoli.

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