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Mini Update

In school we are always taught a few lessons about time. A minute has 60 seconds, an hour has 60 minutes, a day has 24 hours and so on. They tell us a year has 52 weeks. The concept of … Continue reading

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Week 4: Greek Village Restaurant

Sorry about the delay on this latest update folks, but this weekend was a bit more unusual than the rest. Hillarie had been out of town for a bike event over our normal date night on Saturday, so we postponed … Continue reading

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Week 3: Tacos Dos Amigos

I read a restaurant review and knew I couldn’t wait to try this Mexican restaurant with Matt. Some shopping in Macon gave us a chance to head over to this somewhat hard to find establishment. Tip: It’s in the … Continue reading

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Mid Week Mini

The other day I went to Publix to pick up a few items to cook for dinner (the days we don’t go out we still try and eat something nutritious =). For anyone that’s been to Publix, they have quite … Continue reading

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Week 2: Tropical Flava

For week two, we chose last week’s first choice, Tropical Flava. Due to a special New Year’s event, we selected another destination, so we were eager to try this Jamaican restaurant by the time the weekend rolled around. Joining us … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations

The idea for the whole 52/52 concept was actually derived a couple years ago in a similar manner. We both decided to try the date night thing once a week on Friday or Saturday as a way for us to … Continue reading

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Week 1: Mama Mia’s

Saturday night, January 1, we ended up at Mama Mia’s on Russell Pkwy in Warner Robins. Our first choice, Tropical Flava, was holding a special New Year’s event so we postponed our visit for another time. We then selected China … Continue reading

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